Ruth Barja

Ruth Barja Allstyle Tattoo Berlin portrait foto artist

Ruth Barja

Ruth Barja, who was born in the north of Spain, decided to move to Berlin in 2008 after graduating in fine arts from the art academy in Salamanca, Spain. Since she always kept on doing her art, it didn’t take long until friends started to ask her if they could use her designs and get them tattooed. That started to make her think about learning how to tattoo and started her interest in the tattoo-scene.
In the end of 2013 she finally got herself  tattooing equipment and started experimenting in tattooing. Soon afterwards she started working in a studio where she had the chance to also properly learn the craft and all matters of hygiene. One year later she decides to move to All Style Tattoo for getting other artistic influences to open up new ways of tattooing.
Now Ruth Barja is a permanent team-member of miss Nico‘s crew, who enjoys being surrounded by the great variety of different styles in the All Style Tattoo studio.

Ruth’s style in tattooing is very graphic and orientated on her art, which gives her tattoos a very unique touch that is not comparable to any traditional styles. To reach that creative effect she likes to experiment with different techniques like combining sketchy lines with smooth shadings and spots of color. Even though having her own style Ruth is very open and interested in new creative ways of tattooing. If you would like to get a very individual tattoo in a graphic style, Ruth will be a great choice for you!

“I like the challenge of creating art that a person is willing to carry under their skin forever…”

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