Hugo Martin

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Hugo Martin

When he was a child Hugo was inspired by some great paintings, which were appearing in his hometown, the time of graffity art started.He decided to try it out. He was drawing and painting all the time.
After he finished school Hugo started to travel all around in Spain and some spots in Europe to meet new people and look for emprove his style. He decided to move to Granada (Spain) in the end, to enter in the fine art´s school. One of his friends opened a Tattoo shop and  proposed him to lern how to handle a tattoo gun. This was the beginning of something special for Hugo!

Since he started tattooing he travelled all aorund the world to be inspirated by other tattoo artists and to learn very different styles. Hugo decided to stay in Berlin one year ago, because he loves the energy and atmosphere which is very special.

He prefers neotradicional, new school and Dotwork, but he is always open minded to mix up different styles and to new ideas.

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